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TAN'R YOU Salon Tanning Rooms

TAN'R YOU is the only fully air-conditioned tanning salon in the Appleton, West Bend and Germantown areas. We feature 5 Levels of tanning, including the Matrix L33 high pressure tanning bed, for the ultimate tanning experience. All of our tanning beds also have facials and stereos with cd players, so you can completely relax during your tanning experience.

TAN'R YOU Salon Lotion Selection
TAN'R YOU Hydration Station

Hydration Station is the first system of its kind offering tanners the ability to prepare their skin for tanning, prolong the life of their tan, and protect their skin from dehydration and poor skin tone. By deeply hydrating the skin with steam, radiant heat and special oxygenated skincare products, you promote a faster, deeper, darker tan.

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TAN'R YOU Salon Tanning Room

Tanning Room

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West Bend Facilty

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